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The manor estate has been partially renovated and set up with a guest house, a museum, a restaurant / festivity hall and a fruit processing site. The central building of the manor complex is being renovated by restoring details of historical significance. It is possible to use the large building for festivities and events despite the ongoing restauration works. 

The windows of Manor House dining room

To ensure the preservation of the cultural heritage values of Blankenfelde manor, and with the financial help of State Culture Capital Foundation in 2020, we have realized the restauration of two of the Manor house's dining room windows with shutters and panelling. The Blankenfelde Manor house in Vilce parish is classified as an architectural monument of National significance. Previous restauration works in the manor took place in the year 2000, when the mural paintings of the dining room walls and the wooden spiral stairway were restored. There are a number of historically significant articles of carpentry in Blankenfelde manor.

In 2020, when the restauration works were resumed, it was decided to renovate the dining room windows specifically, as it would serve to better preserve the already restored walls as well as to improve the aesthetics and the overall functionality of the space. The renovation works, supported by research and following the restauration program, were carried out by the experienced restaurateur Guntis Vecvagars.

The 19th century Masonry heater

From the year 2021 until 2022, the restauration of the Manor house's cocklestove or Masonry heater was carried out with the financial  support of the State Culture Capital Foundation. The work was overseen by the stove and fireplace pottery master Sandris Cvetkovs and restaurateur Katrīna Ozola was in charge of recreating the lost firebricks and the damaged enamel.

The last recorded reconstructions of the Blankenfelde Manor happened around the mid 19th century. No solid records exist of the construction of the Masonry heater in the Manor house, but judging by the similarities of the heater's decors to the late Classicism-empire style and that of Biedermeier, we can deduct that the heater was built during this reconstruction. This makes it a unique 19th century architectural monument in the territory of Latvia.


Blankenfelde manor, Vilce parish, Jelgava county LV-3026

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