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You can visit the Manor by applying in advance, during events or by staying overnight at the guest house.

The tour fee is 6 euros per person.

From 5 to 12 years old, admission is 4 euros.

Entry is free of charge for the leader of a group of 10 or more people.

A tour led by the owner of the manor, Sanita, is the best way to get to know Blankenfelde. Sanita spends her free time learning about history, researching the nobility and reading the handwritten diaries of Baron Hahn, the former landowner of Blankenfelde, in order to learn the lifestyle trends of the past and find the best solutions for a careful restoration of the Manor. We offer group excursions by prior appointment. During the tour, visitors will be introduced to the history of Blankenfelde: its development stages, owners, the visit of the French king Louis XVIII, as well as the mundane and festive life of the manor's residents. After visiting the museum we will walk to the main building - the Manor House - to see its interior.

In the central building of the complex, many structures of carpentry and other small architectural details have been preserved, such as spiral staircases, wall paintings, masonry stoves, windows, doors and other fine details which can only be noticed by careful observation.


Blankenfelde manor, Vilce parish, Jelgava county LV-3026

Contact us

+371 26490272 Sanita

+371 29445426 Anna

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Please apply in advance!

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