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The quest to nurture the two main passions of our family - horse keeping and rural lifestyle, led us to discover Blankenfelde - the jewel of Zemgale, surrounded by meadows and forests. Since the summer of 2020 we call it our home. The owners of the estate - Sanita and Raimonds, are passionate and vigorous about continuing the restoration and development of the manor complex.


Owner Raimonds Ruķeris

Raimonds has been a co-owner of a forestry firm for over two decades, but ever since childhood his true passion has been horseback riding. He began his career as an athlete in his hometown Iecava, training with Alda Šuvcāne. Life has granted him the gift of turning his hobby into a lifestyle. Now, for over ten years, horses have been a big part of Raimonds everyday life. He has managed to take part in equestrian competitions as well as to raise horses which are now succeeding as champions in international competitions. Our herd now consists of forty horses which we raise, sell and train in collaboration with the top riders in the Baltic states.

Owner Sanita Silniece

Sanita is an art therapist, specializing in dance and movement therapy. Art history and ancient buildings have always attracted Sanita. When visiting Blankenfelde, the hostess will gladly take you on a tour and introduce you to the manor's rich history and its legends. As a therapist, Sanita also offers to organize team building events, individually designed to fit the desires of the collective - with sports and entertaining activities, as well as practical advice on stress management in the working environment.


Vision for the future

Our intention is to renovate the main building of the manor complex. Several projects have already been successful, and the next ones are waiting for their turn. Each member of our family is doing their part to give a new breath to Blankenfelde manor.


Blankenfelde manor, Vilce parish, Jelgava county LV-3026

Contact us

+371 26490272 Sanita

+371 29445426 Anna

Working hours

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