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at Blankenfeld Manor a horseThe stable is new, but we have been breeding horses for over ten years.years. In the past, the manor had two stables with at least 150 for horses. Nowadays, the herd of the manor has reached 40 horses. We breed sports horses for show jumping and dressage. We create horse breeding with johms  with the help of professionals and we train in cooperation with Baltics to the countries' strongest riders.

Three Horses


Raimonds, the owner of the manor, has been breeding showjumping and dressage horses since 2011. Horses are trained in cooperation with the top riders of the Baltic states. We sell both untrained young horses and experienced sport horses.

Currently our stable is located in Beibeži, Vecumnieku district, but in the near future, our horse ranch will be transferred to the new stable at Blankenfelde manor.


Blankenfelde manor, Vilce parish, Jelgava county LV-3026

Contact us

+371 26490272 Sanita

+371 29445426 Anna

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